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Hello there, and welcome to the Sophie Dahl Covers Pages, part of "Sophie Dahl Rocks".

Contained herein, you will find scans and information about (I believe) every Sophie Dahl cover from around the globe. It is primarily concerned with magazines, but any newspaper supplements, or newspapers themselves, upon which Sophie appeared on the front, are also included where their existence is known.

Any cover which featured Sophie in part, but not as the "main feature" is excluded, except for those 'multi image' covers where she shared the front with one or more other celebs. Details of any such known magazines will instead be listed in the "Sophie-ography" part of the main website. Similarly, any newspapers where Sophie appeared on the front, but not as the "main news story", are also excluded. A fairly comprehensive list of newspapers which have featured Sophie in the UK are also listed in the "Sophie-ography".

Again, this site has been built using Blogger, so it looks a bit odd, but to put it simply, the month shown on the left refers to a particular year's worth of scans. The menu below explains more:

1997 - March 2009
1998 - April 2009
1999 - May 2009
2000 - September 2010
2001 - October 2010
2002 - November 2010
2003- December 2010
2004 - January 2011
2005 - February 2011
2006 - March 2011
2007 - April 2011
2008 - May 2011
2009 - June 2011
2010 - July 2011
2011 - October 2011
2012 and beyond - March 2012
Bonus Magazines! - January 2013

Any new covers that appear, either "new" or previously undiscovered "old" ones, will be added when need be, into the relevant part of the site.

If at any point you wish to return to the main Sophie Dahl Rocks homepage, click on the "February 2009" tab to come back to this screen, and click on the link below:

Happy viewing!

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