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Bonus Magazines!

So as Blogger can be a "pain" when it comes to amending old pages - because really, you are amending old posts, and they think, "why do you want to do that" because most people use Blogger to rant about the state of the world - this page will be a fun overflow page where any "old" magazines that turn up but can't be easily slotted into the relevant year will be stuck here instead. Slightly random I know, but think of it like when you get a free EP with somebody's new album!

Elle Korea
September 2004

Does what it says on the tin. Another Elle cover from '04, this time from (South) Korea, this photo is from a Elle shoot Sophie did, originally, for the US edition of the magazine the same year. Knocking about is a promo postcard from which this cover image is reproduced, so I will be honest - at the time of writing, I am aware of the existence of the postcard, but have never seen the actual magazine!

The Edit
20th February 2014

I really had no idea where to stick this, so I thought I'd put it here. "The Edit" is an online magazine, and this image was the 'cover' of issue 235, which went online on Feb 20th '14. This link should do the job: but apologies if not. Basically, there is no cover really, but each issue would feature somebody as their star interviewee, and in this particular week, it was Sophie.

The Hill
September 2012

No barcode, so this one is a freebie, issue 335 of what was described on eBay as a "property magazine" by the person I bought it from. Yes, there are lots of adverts for houses that nobody can afford inside, but the front half of this London-only magazine is a mish mash of Esquire-esque randomness, with sections on food, homes, and of course, fashion - which is where Mrs Cullum comes in. Cover and photo-article from the Aubin & Wills shoot.

Elle Korea
May 2004

Another image of another Korean "Elle", as seen on another postcard being flogged on eBay. Yet again, at the time of writing, another mag the webmaster has never actually seen.

Elle Ukraine
October 2004

OK, so on the 2004 page, I mention that there were three "Elle" variants issued that summer. But as you can see here, there were others issued at other times! This is the Ukranian edition, from later the same year, which is very much based on the UK cover from April. I do have this one, and although it is quite an unusual country from which to see a Sophie cover, it's not the most exciting of the variants, as the amount of Sophie you get inside is rather minimal when compared to the content of the 'original'.

Spiegel Reporter
March 2001

As I have forgotten most of the German I learned for my GCSE, I can't completely tell you what the article in this one is about. But it seems to be an article on health and weight, mainly concerned with being overweight - Sophie, at the time, was still just about being talked about as the "Big Supermodel". She is listed on the front as an "XXL" model, which is probably going a bit over the top. Lovely picture, anyway.

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2012 and beyond

It is a given, that as soon as a female celebrity gets past a certain age, the magazine editors are not so keen to put said celeb on their front covers. Also factor in the likelihood that said celeb will have been superseded by the latest new kids on the block, and the chances of them getting on the same magazines that they used to ten plus years before are increasingly unlikely.

2012 marks, more or less, the 15th anniversary of the start of Sophie's modelling career, making her part of the Supermodel Elite, a pin up girl from an earlier generation, and it is no surprise to see that by this point, with Sophie having hit the grand old age of, erm, 35, that she would invariably find herself being passed over for covers for the young whippersnappers. Also take into account the fact that she had, technically, retired from modelling in 2011-ish, and then factor in she was never quite as famous as Kate or Naomi in the first place, and you can see why Sophie's cover appearances seem to have dipped in recent years, although the cookery stuff did see a quick burst of action back in 2010.

So, partly due to the fact that Blogger is a pain when it comes to uploading pictures in the right place when compared to other pages in the same site (margins, paragraph breaks, etc.), and partly because Sophie was now part of the old-skool, struggling to get on the cover of "Vogue" anymore, this page is thus home to Sophie's covers post-2012, rather than being used for just a single year. The concept is basically the same as for the previous 15 years worth of images, it just looks a bit different! So let's carry on with...

Aubin & Wills Autumn Almanac
Summer 2012

OK, again, not a magazine per se, but when this site first launched, the "Gallery" pages did not exist, and this part of the site was the only place to show catalogues. So here's another one, which saw Sophie return to her roots, back at the top of the Supermodel Podium. Issued to coincide with Sophie's shoot for the company in late summer 2012, this nifty little freebie includes - count 'em - 21 photos, and an exclusive interview. Sophie did another fashion shoot in 2013, this time for Brora, and although that campaign too spawned a mini catalogue, it was less "weighty" than this one. The cover of that one can be found on the "Gallery 4" page in the "Sophie-ography" on the main site.

Country & Town House
June 2013

I'll admit, I'd never heard of this one 'til Sophie made the cover. Thick glossy thing, rather obscure, not the sort of thing you'd get in every shop. A kind of "Country Life" style mag. The front cover is a 'Brora' image, and, as often happens, the main article despite featuring some Sophie imagery, is mostly based around an interview with one of the head honchos at the company, rather than Soph. Original copies are shrinkwrapped, with a "Great British Hotels" supplement, bigger than the magazine itself, and a couple of inserts for "Art Antiques London" and "The Auction Room". My copy has a 'security protected' sticker on the front, but not sure if this is unique to the store I bought it in (WH Smith) or not.

March 2014

Seemingly issued to plug Sophie's revamped website, and not much else, this is nevertheless a rather swish looking cover, with some nifty new shots inside. Detail about the interview was, unusually, published some days beforehand - unlike most of the other covers on this site, which usually just appeared when nobody was looking - and covered the usual subjects...the mad childhood, the husband, modelling and food. Nice stuff.

Red [Subscription Edition]
March 2014

And here's the subscribers edition. It is worth pointing out that, apart from some minor front cover alterations, the retail edition was also available in "handbag" form, of which some - maybe all - suffered from a printing fault, where some of the pages concerning a travel feature were printed upside down! There was also another one of those "3 in 1" editions, where the barcode was removed and instead in it's place appeared a 'not for re-sale' legend, of which there were two variants - one which included "Red" as the main mag plus two freebies, and another 'led' by a copy of "Good Housekeeping" with Sophie's "Red" cover officially one of the freebies, as it was tucked in the middle of the packaging. Both editions of the actual mag are identical. It is also worth pointing out that some, maybe all, of Sophie's "Red" covers over the years have been exported overseas, where the UK barcode would have pasted over it a barcode relevant to that country, complete with alternate price tag.

18th May 2014

AKA "Sunday Times Style". In this issue, they announced the winners of their '2014 Beauty Awards' and Sophie was their - in their words - poster girl for the awards. A bit tenuous if you ask me. Anyway, if you thought the "Red" shoot was a bit mumsy, this one is a bit more vampy, with four other brand new photos inside. Mini interview, and the link to the awards is that for each photo, details of the make up used is listed. The inside photos were also published on the Sunday Times website, but only available if you were a subscriber.

Boodles Catalogue

Issued at the tail end of '14, this is another "non magazine" but I thought I'd stick it here. Basically, a catalogue advertising the (expensive) Boodles range, with - at random points inbetween - double page spreads of Sophie, including a few pictures I had never seen before. For those of you who don't know, this ad campaign had been launched in the UK during the summer of 2014, albeit a bit low key, and is referred to in the Diary Pages. The front cover image was a slightly longer version of the pic you see above, with the "Boodles" legend embossed in gold at the bottom of the catalogue, whilst the cover itself is really just a dust cover, like you'd get with a hardback book, so can removed if you so wish. Why would you do that with this glamourpuss on the front though?

Boodles Catalogue

And here's the follow up, issued early 2016, featuring photos from the second wave of Boodles shots done in 2015. No dust cover this time around, and unlike the 2015 one, Sophie images are reserved for a short 'feature' towards the end, with three photos being used as the conclusion to the catalogue.

Boodles Catalogue

In the summer of 2016, Boodles launched the "Sophie Collection". By the end of the year, they had published this catalogue, which made reference to said collection. As per the 2016 one, no dust cover - at least, my copy hasn't got one - and there are a selection of 'new' Sophie images inside once more. Photos from this catalogue made some brief appearances in some of the glossy fashion mags, and the likes of "Country And Town House", during the first half of 2017.

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November 2011

AFAIK, Sophie's first cover of 2011. Ostensibly a plug for "From Season To Season", with a mention of the Mrs Beeton TV show, this magazine was published in the first week of October '11, and thus surfaced after both the book was out and the TV show had been broadcast!

Four new photos inside, exclusive shot on the cover, plus a small "oldie", it came - as was now standard - in both normal and travel size editions. Both versions came shrinkwrapped, with a free "Red Direct" catalogue sealed with each, with the "normal" size one also including a "Wallpaper Direct" catalogue as well.

The interview refers to her modelling career in the past tense, pretty much an official signing off of that part of her career, and references to her apprehensive attitude towards Twitter (good timing, the magazine coming a few weeks after that "shed" incident saw her go offline for two or three weeks - Google it if you don't know what it was all about). A subscriber only edition exists, with a different cover, although the photo on that edition is simply one of the photos inside the magazine. And, given that you had to be subscribed to the magazine before the issue came out, you couldn't just go online the day it was published and subscribe in order to get one, perhaps it's just as well the cover photo is not a rare picture!

Red [Subscription Edition]
November 2011

Here's the "mail order only" one. It's also worth noting that the retail edition, like Sophie's 2009 "Red" cover, came in different versions, including a shrinkwrapped copy that included a free edition of the then current issue of "Psychologies" magazine. As before, the cover was the same as the normal version, but with no bar code, as these doublepacks were sold at a higher price - hence the barcode would have given the wrong price when scanned at the tills.

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Your February Love Stars
2nd February 2010

A freebie supplement inside the "Daily Mirror" newspaper, this is as the title suggests, an astrology supplement. Picture of Sophie and Jamie Cullum in the top right is from the "Fantastic Mr Fox" premiere, the previous year.

Health Smart
February/March 2010

An American magazine, which the webmaster does not have in his collection, so can't tell you too much about it. It's a health/fitness style magazine, which was more or less the first magazine to tie in with the TV show.

The Sunday Times Magazine
7th March 2010

And so, with "The Delicious Miss Dahl" about to air, the UK magazines start to surface. This freebie, complete with exclusive photoshoot, was included - as you'd expect - inside the "Sunday Times" newspaper.

17th March 2010

This is another freebie, but is not included inside any magazine or paper. Instead, it's a magazine given out "on the streets" in selected UK cities. The same publishers also give away a free entertainment mag called "Shortlist" as well. Limited circulation in terms of location, but quite a few copies get made, so copies of this do turn up on eBay now and again.

Radio Times
20th March 2010

The "official" BBC TV guide, so with the TV show due to air on BBC2, it was no surprise that RT did this cover, with exclusive photoshoot. Several other photos were shot to tie in, which were published on the BBC website, and then used by other magazine and newspapers. Many of the covers below utilise the second shoot.

The Scotsman Magazine
20th March 2010

Newspaper freebie, with the (Scottish only) "Scotsman" newspaper. This is quite a sturdy freebie, with several more pictures inside, a mix - as ever - of "old" photos (catwalk in 97, "Opium" ad) and some of the "2nd Radio Times" shoot.

Press And Journal TV Week
20th March 2010

As the title suggests, again, this is a newspaper freebie from inside the Aberdeen Press And Journal newspaper, coming from Scotland again. A lot more flimsy, there's no Sophie inside, just a basic TV listing for the week and not much more.

Aga Living
April/May 2010

If like me you can't cook, then you might wonder what an "Aga" is. Well, it's basically a posh cooker! Same photo as the "Press And Journal" supplement.

The Sunday World Magazine
11th April 2010

The TV show did broadcast outside of the UK, which explains this Irish newspaper freebie, which focuses in on the so-called "food fight" between Sophie, Nigella, et al. Whilst I like the phrase "Gastro Porn", it was a bit wide of the mark as far as the TV show was concerned!

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26th April 2009

And so, with the release of Sophie's first cookbook, her magazine covers became very much "food-based". This was the first of several magazines, with exclusive photoshoot, to tie in with the "Voluptuous Delights" release, and was given free with The Mail On Sunday newspaper. There is a link to an online version of the article elsewhere on this site.

Celebs On Sunday
31st May 2009

Another exclusive shoot, this time in a Sunday Mirror freebie mag, although the rights to the photos are owned by Getty Images who have more photos from the shoot on their website.

June 2009

Another exclusive food related shoot. This magazine was available in (at least) six minor variant editions, and details of this are in an "Easter Egg" style hidden section on the "Sophie-ography".

Good Weekend
11th July 2009

Australian newspaper freebie. The photo on the cover was from the 2006 "Arena" shoot, and along with another photo from the shoot inside, the rest of the article was a "Greatest Hits" set of photos from across the years.

Observer Food Monthly
December 2009

If proof be needed that cooking is the new Rock And Roll, then here it is. Around about the same time The Observer stopped giving away it's free music magazine, this cover appeared. The cookbook, by now, was some 6 months old, but Sophie had become part of Cookery Royalty, and could thus be relied upon to do an interview and photoshoot when requested. The timing of this newspaper freebie was obviously timed to coincide with the run up to Xmas.

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Irish Independent Weekend
26th January 2008

Seemingly a delayed magazine cover to vaguely tie in with Sophie's debut novel from the tail end of 2007, this is another newspaper freebie. However, it's worth tracking down as the cover and most of the inside pictures are quite rare, and come from Sophie's photoshoot the previous year for the Newbridge Silverware campaign.

11th May 2008

UK Newspaper freebie, this time from "The Sunday Express". It might seem slightly out of date, given that the cover makes reference to Sophie's novel, but "Playing With The Grown Ups" had just been given a paperback reissue in the UK, so this mag seemed to tie in quite well.

Harpers Bazaar
September 2008

Heralded "The British Issue", this magazine was proof that Sophie hadn't quite thrown the modelling towel in just yet, as this was another exclusive covershoot, but with a bit of a Sophie written feature in the mix.

Harpers Bazaar (Export Edition)
September 2008

Once more, UK edition of the same mag made available for sale in North America. You can't quite see it on this scan, but a union jack flag appears top left on this version of HB. Because of the extra amount of "info" also printed top left, the placing of the remaining text has been altered for this cover.

Harpers Bazaar (Mail Order Edition)
September 2008

A recent fad, is the decision to use "alternate" covers for subscriber copies of certain glossy mags. This is the subscriber edition of the same mag, minus all text and barcode.

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January 2007

Sophie's first cover of 2007 - although the magazine was actually published in 2006 - is a bit of a stunner. Not really issued in conjunction with anything like a book or a movie, the original magazine came in a foil cover that didn't actually give much of an indication that Sophie was on the cover at all - "Lost" actress Evangeline Lilly got more attention. The reason for the magazine coming "wrapped up" in the first place was because it included a free (Sophie-less) 2007 calendar. The "Links" page on the Sophie-ography includes a link to the Ryan Michael Kelly site, for other photos from the same session are on his website. This link should take you straight to Sophie's page:

14th October 2007

One of several covers Sophie made in conjunction with the release of her first "full length" novel, "Dancing With The Grown Ups". This was a Mail On Sunday newspaper freebie, a link to an on-line version of the article is on the 'Links' page of the Sophie-ography. This scan is the webmaster's signed copy.

Spectrum (Australia)
27th/28th October 2007

Another newspaper freebie, this time with the Sydney Morning Herald. Another book tie in, the photo accompanying the article inside was one of the promo shots taken at the time. The supplement itself is quite thick, and is of "newspaper" size.

November 2007

Another magazine to tie in with the book, this one actually featured Sophie back in modelling mode again, with another "Sophie as Debbie Harry" shoot. Sophie had 'appeared' as Harry in a US edition of Vogue some six years earlier. This news article includes some of those shots:

British Vogue
November 2007

As before, UK export copy to North America.

Newbridge Catalogue
Fall 2007

OK, not quite a magazine, but worthy of inclusion. One of Sophie's final "proper" modelling expeditions, Newbridge are an Irish silverware company. This catalogue includes page after page of Sophie photos, again, this is the webmaster's own signed copy.

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Monsoon Catalogue
January 2006

The second Monsoon catalogue, again available in "small" or "large". If truth be told, the catalogue may have been issued late during the month, because the cover shot was also used on this one below...

The Times Magazine
7th January 2006

A similar situation to the previous year, where a Monsoon catalogue cover photo was reprinted on a Times magazine freebie - this time around, it was a freebie given with the Saturday edition of the newspaper. Photos inside centred around the rest of the photoshoot.

Radio Times
24th June 2006

As mentioned elsewhere on this site in the Diary pages, this magazine cover tied in with Sophie's appearance on 25th June at the "Children's Party At The Palace", a televised pantomime style performance held at Buckingham Palace in London. The story, called "The Queen's Handbag", revolved around a plot which saw The Queen's bag stolen, and the play followed it's attempts by various celebrities to help find it. Sophie played Sophie, based entirely on the Roald Dahl character from "The BFG", the character originally having been based on Sophie herself in the first place. She, like many of the stars, only got a short section on-stage.
The magazine above exists in various slightly different forms, being a TV listings magazine. The covers were all the same, but in the top right, the UK region the magazine covered was shown, and was obviously different from one region to another. I am led to believe there were 6 editions, with editions for (broadly) London & Anglia, South, Yorkshire & North, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I am convinced I have a Midlands edition as well, but don't quote me on that!

Gala (Germany)
5th October 2006

Since I did German at school, I have forgotten most of it, but this seems to be a German take on the "skinny celeb" versus "curvy celeb" debate. Sophie is at the bottom of the mag, second from right.

Hot Stars
25th November 2006

And another diet related cover, this time again on "Hot Stars", the "OK" magazine freebie. "Hot Stars" has in recent years been discontinued, with "OK" now being published at a cheaper price with no second magazine, or shrinkwrapped with other magazines that are issued by the same publisher. That's Sophie squeezing in on the cover on the left.

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Hot Stars
15th January 2005

An "OK" magazine freebie, this magazine came stapled into the middle pages of said magazine, and the cover date on the freebie differs slightly to that on the main magazine itself. Sophie shares the cover with fellow UK uber-model Kate Moss, and it's another diet related cover, with Sophie again painted as a role model in this instance - "How The Stars Ditch The Junk And Lose Weight!"

Harpers & Queen
March 2005

Another one of those "Sophie on the cover, but not much else inside" magazines, this release more or less coincided with the Oscars Ceremony - not that Sophie was actually nominated for anything!

Harpers & Queen (Export Edition)
March 2005

Again, a scan of the export edition. You can see, quite clearly on this one, how the North American edition displays the "British Edition" legend. At the time, "Harpers & Queen" was the UK equivalent of "Harpers Bazaar", but in recent years, has been renamed to match it's US counterpart.

27th March 2005

Another newspaper freebie, this time one of numerous freebies tucked inside "The Sunday Times" on this date. Again, a cover of Soph but not much else, this photo was used to plug an article about the "Four Inches" book that was issued later that year, in which this picture of Sophie was included.

Vogue Gioiello (Italy)
July/August 2005

No, not a revamped version of "Italian Vogue", this is one of the various offshoot titles published by Vogue around the globe. "Vogue Gioiello" deals with jewelry, as opposed to basic fashion, and this edition included an exclusive photoshoot.

7th August 2005

Second "Style" cover within six months, this photo is from Sophie's "Monsoon" ad campaign photoshoot. Sophie did another set of shots for them the following year, with one of those photos appearing on the cover of The Times' Saturday freebie magazine. Sophie also did a photoshoot for Accessorize a while before this, Monsoon's "sister" label.

Monsoon Catalogue
September 2005

Not a magazine, no, but worth including. This catalogue was given away free at Monsoon stores in the UK during the fall of 2005. Two editions exist - a "pocket" editon features extra pages, but is mostly padded out with photos of other models, whilst a bigger "magazine" sized version includes nothing but Sophie pictures only!

22nd October 2005

Here we go again, another "starving supermodels" story, starring Sophie and Claudia Schiffer. I actually think Sophie looks quite good in this photo. It was taken on 13th September, when Sophie attended New York fashion week.

Staines Woman
November 2005

Freebie time again, this magazine was only available in the area of Staines, just to the south-west of London, and made famous (or infamous) by Ali G, and indie pop-rockers Hard-Fi. This is another photo from the "Monsoon" shoot.

November 2005

Freebie time again. "Focus" was at one point the name of a UK Science magazine, but this isn't it!

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