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November 2011

AFAIK, Sophie's first cover of 2011. Ostensibly a plug for "From Season To Season", with a mention of the Mrs Beeton TV show, this magazine was published in the first week of October '11, and thus surfaced after both the book was out and the TV show had been broadcast!

Four new photos inside, exclusive shot on the cover, plus a small "oldie", it came - as was now standard - in both normal and travel size editions. Both versions came shrinkwrapped, with a free "Red Direct" catalogue sealed with each, with the "normal" size one also including a "Wallpaper Direct" catalogue as well.

The interview refers to her modelling career in the past tense, pretty much an official signing off of that part of her career, and references to her apprehensive attitude towards Twitter (good timing, the magazine coming a few weeks after that "shed" incident saw her go offline for two or three weeks - Google it if you don't know what it was all about). A subscriber only edition exists, with a different cover, although the photo on that edition is simply one of the photos inside the magazine. And, given that you had to be subscribed to the magazine before the issue came out, you couldn't just go online the day it was published and subscribe in order to get one, perhaps it's just as well the cover photo is not a rare picture!

Red [Subscription Edition]
November 2011

Here's the "mail order only" one. It's also worth noting that the retail edition, like Sophie's 2009 "Red" cover, came in different versions, including a shrinkwrapped copy that included a free edition of the then current issue of "Psychologies" magazine. As before, the cover was the same as the normal version, but with no bar code, as these doublepacks were sold at a higher price - hence the barcode would have given the wrong price when scanned at the tills.

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