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Hot Stars
15th January 2005

An "OK" magazine freebie, this magazine came stapled into the middle pages of said magazine, and the cover date on the freebie differs slightly to that on the main magazine itself. Sophie shares the cover with fellow UK uber-model Kate Moss, and it's another diet related cover, with Sophie again painted as a role model in this instance - "How The Stars Ditch The Junk And Lose Weight!"

Harpers & Queen
March 2005

Another one of those "Sophie on the cover, but not much else inside" magazines, this release more or less coincided with the Oscars Ceremony - not that Sophie was actually nominated for anything!

Harpers & Queen (Export Edition)
March 2005

Again, a scan of the export edition. You can see, quite clearly on this one, how the North American edition displays the "British Edition" legend. At the time, "Harpers & Queen" was the UK equivalent of "Harpers Bazaar", but in recent years, has been renamed to match it's US counterpart.

27th March 2005

Another newspaper freebie, this time one of numerous freebies tucked inside "The Sunday Times" on this date. Again, a cover of Soph but not much else, this photo was used to plug an article about the "Four Inches" book that was issued later that year, in which this picture of Sophie was included.

Vogue Gioiello (Italy)
July/August 2005

No, not a revamped version of "Italian Vogue", this is one of the various offshoot titles published by Vogue around the globe. "Vogue Gioiello" deals with jewelry, as opposed to basic fashion, and this edition included an exclusive photoshoot.

7th August 2005

Second "Style" cover within six months, this photo is from Sophie's "Monsoon" ad campaign photoshoot. Sophie did another set of shots for them the following year, with one of those photos appearing on the cover of The Times' Saturday freebie magazine. Sophie also did a photoshoot for Accessorize a while before this, Monsoon's "sister" label.

Monsoon Catalogue
September 2005

Not a magazine, no, but worth including. This catalogue was given away free at Monsoon stores in the UK during the fall of 2005. Two editions exist - a "pocket" editon features extra pages, but is mostly padded out with photos of other models, whilst a bigger "magazine" sized version includes nothing but Sophie pictures only!

22nd October 2005

Here we go again, another "starving supermodels" story, starring Sophie and Claudia Schiffer. I actually think Sophie looks quite good in this photo. It was taken on 13th September, when Sophie attended New York fashion week.

Staines Woman
November 2005

Freebie time again, this magazine was only available in the area of Staines, just to the south-west of London, and made famous (or infamous) by Ali G, and indie pop-rockers Hard-Fi. This is another photo from the "Monsoon" shoot.

November 2005

Freebie time again. "Focus" was at one point the name of a UK Science magazine, but this isn't it!

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