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Monsoon Catalogue
January 2006

The second Monsoon catalogue, again available in "small" or "large". If truth be told, the catalogue may have been issued late during the month, because the cover shot was also used on this one below...

The Times Magazine
7th January 2006

A similar situation to the previous year, where a Monsoon catalogue cover photo was reprinted on a Times magazine freebie - this time around, it was a freebie given with the Saturday edition of the newspaper. Photos inside centred around the rest of the photoshoot.

Radio Times
24th June 2006

As mentioned elsewhere on this site in the Diary pages, this magazine cover tied in with Sophie's appearance on 25th June at the "Children's Party At The Palace", a televised pantomime style performance held at Buckingham Palace in London. The story, called "The Queen's Handbag", revolved around a plot which saw The Queen's bag stolen, and the play followed it's attempts by various celebrities to help find it. Sophie played Sophie, based entirely on the Roald Dahl character from "The BFG", the character originally having been based on Sophie herself in the first place. She, like many of the stars, only got a short section on-stage.
The magazine above exists in various slightly different forms, being a TV listings magazine. The covers were all the same, but in the top right, the UK region the magazine covered was shown, and was obviously different from one region to another. I am led to believe there were 6 editions, with editions for (broadly) London & Anglia, South, Yorkshire & North, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I am convinced I have a Midlands edition as well, but don't quote me on that!

Gala (Germany)
5th October 2006

Since I did German at school, I have forgotten most of it, but this seems to be a German take on the "skinny celeb" versus "curvy celeb" debate. Sophie is at the bottom of the mag, second from right.

Hot Stars
25th November 2006

And another diet related cover, this time again on "Hot Stars", the "OK" magazine freebie. "Hot Stars" has in recent years been discontinued, with "OK" now being published at a cheaper price with no second magazine, or shrinkwrapped with other magazines that are issued by the same publisher. That's Sophie squeezing in on the cover on the left.

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