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2012 and beyond

It is a given, that as soon as a female celebrity gets past a certain age, the magazine editors are not so keen to put said celeb on their front covers. Also factor in the likelihood that said celeb will have been superseded by the latest new kids on the block, and the chances of them getting on the same magazines that they used to ten plus years before are increasingly unlikely.

2012 marks, more or less, the 15th anniversary of the start of Sophie's modelling career, making her part of the Supermodel Elite, a pin up girl from an earlier generation, and it is no surprise to see that by this point, with Sophie having hit the grand old age of, erm, 35, that she would invariably find herself being passed over for covers for the young whippersnappers. Also take into account the fact that she had, technically, retired from modelling in 2011-ish, and then factor in she was never quite as famous as Kate or Naomi in the first place, and you can see why Sophie's cover appearances seem to have dipped in recent years, although the cookery stuff did see a quick burst of action back in 2010.

So, partly due to the fact that Blogger is a pain when it comes to uploading pictures in the right place when compared to other pages in the same site (margins, paragraph breaks, etc.), and partly because Sophie was now part of the old-skool, struggling to get on the cover of "Vogue" anymore, this page is thus home to Sophie's covers post-2012, rather than being used for just a single year. The concept is basically the same as for the previous 15 years worth of images, it just looks a bit different! So let's carry on with...

Aubin & Wills Autumn Almanac
Summer 2012

OK, again, not a magazine per se, but when this site first launched, the "Gallery" pages did not exist, and this part of the site was the only place to show catalogues. So here's another one, which saw Sophie return to her roots, back at the top of the Supermodel Podium. Issued to coincide with Sophie's shoot for the company in late summer 2012, this nifty little freebie includes - count 'em - 21 photos, and an exclusive interview. Sophie did another fashion shoot in 2013, this time for Brora, and although that campaign too spawned a mini catalogue, it was less "weighty" than this one. The cover of that one can be found on the "Gallery 4" page in the "Sophie-ography" on the main site.

Country & Town House
June 2013

I'll admit, I'd never heard of this one 'til Sophie made the cover. Thick glossy thing, rather obscure, not the sort of thing you'd get in every shop. A kind of "Country Life" style mag. The front cover is a 'Brora' image, and, as often happens, the main article despite featuring some Sophie imagery, is mostly based around an interview with one of the head honchos at the company, rather than Soph. Original copies are shrinkwrapped, with a "Great British Hotels" supplement, bigger than the magazine itself, and a couple of inserts for "Art Antiques London" and "The Auction Room". My copy has a 'security protected' sticker on the front, but not sure if this is unique to the store I bought it in (WH Smith) or not.

March 2014

Seemingly issued to plug Sophie's revamped website, and not much else, this is nevertheless a rather swish looking cover, with some nifty new shots inside. Detail about the interview was, unusually, published some days beforehand - unlike most of the other covers on this site, which usually just appeared when nobody was looking - and covered the usual subjects...the mad childhood, the husband, modelling and food. Nice stuff.

Red [Subscription Edition]
March 2014

And here's the subscribers edition. It is worth pointing out that, apart from some minor front cover alterations, the retail edition was also available in "handbag" form, of which some - maybe all - suffered from a printing fault, where some of the pages concerning a travel feature were printed upside down! There was also another one of those "3 in 1" editions, where the barcode was removed and instead in it's place appeared a 'not for re-sale' legend, of which there were two variants - one which included "Red" as the main mag plus two freebies, and another 'led' by a copy of "Good Housekeeping" with Sophie's "Red" cover officially one of the freebies, as it was tucked in the middle of the packaging. Both editions of the actual mag are identical. It is also worth pointing out that some, maybe all, of Sophie's "Red" covers over the years have been exported overseas, where the UK barcode would have pasted over it a barcode relevant to that country, complete with alternate price tag.

18th May 2014

AKA "Sunday Times Style". In this issue, they announced the winners of their '2014 Beauty Awards' and Sophie was their - in their words - poster girl for the awards. A bit tenuous if you ask me. Anyway, if you thought the "Red" shoot was a bit mumsy, this one is a bit more vampy, with four other brand new photos inside. Mini interview, and the link to the awards is that for each photo, details of the make up used is listed. The inside photos were also published on the Sunday Times website, but only available if you were a subscriber.

Boodles Catalogue

Issued at the tail end of '14, this is another "non magazine" but I thought I'd stick it here. Basically, a catalogue advertising the (expensive) Boodles range, with - at random points inbetween - double page spreads of Sophie, including a few pictures I had never seen before. For those of you who don't know, this ad campaign had been launched in the UK during the summer of 2014, albeit a bit low key, and is referred to in the Diary Pages. The front cover image was a slightly longer version of the pic you see above, with the "Boodles" legend embossed in gold at the bottom of the catalogue, whilst the cover itself is really just a dust cover, like you'd get with a hardback book, so can removed if you so wish. Why would you do that with this glamourpuss on the front though?

Boodles Catalogue

And here's the follow up, issued early 2016, featuring photos from the second wave of Boodles shots done in 2015. No dust cover this time around, and unlike the 2015 one, Sophie images are reserved for a short 'feature' towards the end, with three photos being used as the conclusion to the catalogue.

Boodles Catalogue

In the summer of 2016, Boodles launched the "Sophie Collection". By the end of the year, they had published this catalogue, which made reference to said collection. As per the 2016 one, no dust cover - at least, my copy hasn't got one - and there are a selection of 'new' Sophie images inside once more. Photos from this catalogue made some brief appearances in some of the glossy fashion mags, and the likes of "Country And Town House", during the first half of 2017.

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