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Bonus Magazines!

So as Blogger can be a "pain" when it comes to amending old pages - because really, you are amending old posts, and they think, "why do you want to do that" because most people use Blogger to rant about the state of the world - this page will be a fun overflow page where any "old" magazines that turn up but can't be easily slotted into the relevant year will be stuck here instead. Slightly random I know, but think of it like when you get a free EP with somebody's new album!

Elle Korea
September 2004

Does what it says on the tin. Another Elle cover from '04, this time from (South) Korea, this photo is from a Elle shoot Sophie did, originally, for the US edition of the magazine the same year. Knocking about is a promo postcard from which this cover image is reproduced, so I will be honest - at the time of writing, I am aware of the existence of the postcard, but have never seen the actual magazine!

The Edit
20th February 2014

I really had no idea where to stick this, so I thought I'd put it here. "The Edit" is an online magazine, and this image was the 'cover' of issue 235, which went online on Feb 20th '14. This link should do the job: but apologies if not. Basically, there is no cover really, but each issue would feature somebody as their star interviewee, and in this particular week, it was Sophie.

The Hill
September 2012

No barcode, so this one is a freebie, issue 335 of what was described on eBay as a "property magazine" by the person I bought it from. Yes, there are lots of adverts for houses that nobody can afford inside, but the front half of this London-only magazine is a mish mash of Esquire-esque randomness, with sections on food, homes, and of course, fashion - which is where Mrs Cullum comes in. Cover and photo-article from the Aubin & Wills shoot.

Elle Korea
May 2004

Another image of another Korean "Elle", as seen on another postcard being flogged on eBay. Yet again, at the time of writing, another mag the webmaster has never actually seen.

Elle Ukraine
October 2004

OK, so on the 2004 page, I mention that there were three "Elle" variants issued that summer. But as you can see here, there were others issued at other times! This is the Ukranian edition, from later the same year, which is very much based on the UK cover from April. I do have this one, and although it is quite an unusual country from which to see a Sophie cover, it's not the most exciting of the variants, as the amount of Sophie you get inside is rather minimal when compared to the content of the 'original'.

Spiegel Reporter
March 2001

As I have forgotten most of the German I learned for my GCSE, I can't completely tell you what the article in this one is about. But it seems to be an article on health and weight, mainly concerned with being overweight - Sophie, at the time, was still just about being talked about as the "Big Supermodel". She is listed on the front as an "XXL" model, which is probably going a bit over the top. Lovely picture, anyway.

Issue 205, Fall 2007

Another bit of a mystery one - this is an in house magazine from Ireland, distributed to the students of Trinity College, Dublin. I assume there is a hard copy version of this, but my first awareness of it was by finding this "online" edition: So, if anybody can shed any more light as to whether this is just another "The Edit" or not, please get in touch. Anyway, it was issued when Sophie's "Grown Ups" was out, and she was in Ireland to promote the book - this is an exclusive interview.

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