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17th January 1998

Another UK newspaper freebie, this one is a TV guide given free with "The Times" broadsheet. The TV show concerned was "The Truth About Women", broadcast on the 22nd, which featured excerpts of an interview conducted with Sophie. A second show, broadcast a week later, featured further Sophie contributions.

November 1998

Another long gone fashion/style magazine, this issue was an unusual 'double sided' copy - Sophie on the front, and fellow UK model Jodie Kidd on the other side. Other copies were printed with Jodie on the front and Sophie on the back - the way of telling the difference was to see where the barcode was printed, or who was 'face up' if you held the magazine with the spine on the left. As unusual as it was, it was by no means the only 'double sided' magazine printed in the UK (you still get them now) but it may have been the only issue of "Scene" to be issued in such a style. Exclusive cover and inside photo, and interview.

The Times Magazine
21st November 1998

Being a model meant that Sophie would often appear on a magazine cover, but there would be no article as such inside. "Vision" had nothing else of Sophie at all inside, but this one did at least have an photo shoot of Sophie in model mode. The scan shows another signed copy. The photos from the shoot inside don't seem to have ever resurfaced anywhere else.

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