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Italian Vogue
February 2000

Despite being based in the UK at the time, Sophie was well known overseas, and found herself appearing in the Italian edition of "Vogue" several times over the years. This was her first appearance on the cover, and featured a striking photoshoot, and was one of her first big jobs after deamping to New York. The photos were taken by Steven Meisel, who would also do the infamous Opium shoot later the same year. The pictures were quite big, meaning that they had to be spread across two pages, which is a bit of a shame - one photo from the shoot appeared "unblemished" on a single page in the April 2003 edition of "Russian Vogue". Scans of the set are here:

Italian Vogue
April 2000

Second "Italian Vogue" cover within three months - not bad going! This one featured a huge photo shoot shot by Steven Meisel, with arguably better pictures than the February edition. There are some 15 pictures of Sophie in this issue - it really has to be seen to be believed.

Marie Claire
June 2000

By 2000, Sophie had become a big fed up with the notion of being "the big model". Although it had got her noticed, it was being used as a stick to beat her with, and had as many negative connotations as it did positive ones. Sophie shot an exclusive shoot for the UK edition of "Marie Claire" and was due to feature on the cover. The same issue also featured a shoot with actress Pamela Anderson, and the magazine decided to issue two covers - one with Sophie, one with Anderson. Unbeknown to Sophie, the magazine billed each cover as being a battle against the other - they wanted to see which of the two covers would prove to be more popular - the "impossibly pefect" Anderson, or the "realistically curvy" Sophie. Sophie, when she heard what Marie Claire did, threatened them with legal action, as no mention of this had been made when she did the shoot. It was a strange move by Marie Claire, as Sophie had done a US photoshoot with them only a few months previous, but the controversy seems to have blown over, as Sophie articles have appeared in the mag again in recent years.
Pictures from the shoot can be seen here:

26th August 2000

Another Italian mag, this one used one of Sophie's Versace Jeans adverts, but was heavily "zoomed in". The original photo can be seen here:

12th September 2000

Otherwise known as "D la Repubblica delle Donne" magaaine. Another Italian one, Sophie would appear on the cover of this mag again in 2001. Some astonishing photos, all of which are here:

October 2000

"The Art Issue", apparently, according to the top right of the cover. An export edition of this magazine, printed for sale in North America, but otherwise identical, also exists. There is a scan of it in the "Gallery 4" page on the main site, also check out the "2002" page for more details about US export editions. Although the cover photo is not the best Sophie photo to be used on a magazine, the accompanying shoot is superb, and if you only buy one Sophie magazine, this is the one to get - inside, Sophie gets dressed up in corsets, fishnets and wigs - looking utterly gorgeous throughout!

Sunday Telegraph Magazine
8th October 2000

Another UK newspaper freebie, and another one quite large in size. Another excusive shoot, the photos did appear on a photo agency website a while back, but seem to have disappeared, making the photoshoot quite obscure. This scan, again, is of the webmasters signed version.

12th October 2000

Yet another Italian magazine, with quite a rare Sophie photo. It's possible the photo has been "reversed", as another photo from the shoot appeared on the cover of 2002's "Sunday Magazine" in Australia, but with the hair parted on the opposite side.

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