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January 2002

An excellent fold out cover with a wealth of UK models on the front (Sophie only appears when you fold it out). The theme is Britain, and the cover is a sea of Red White & Blue. Other covergirls here included Jasmine Guiness, Kate Moss and Elizabeth Jagger. Inside there is an article about the making of this shoot, which was taken by Mario Testino. It was this cover picture that appeared at the "Mario Testino Portraits" exhibition that opened in London several months later. There are two versions of this magazine, the second of which is...

British Vogue
January 2002

...this one. This is the UK export edition, designed for sale in the US - the cover has been zoomed in so you can see the "British" tag in the "O" of "Vogue". The other difference is that the price is shown in Dollars, not Sterling. This is one of several export magazines from the UK to North America that feature Sophie on the cover.

13th January 2002

A UK newspaper freebie, given on this date with the "News Of The World", as popularised by The Jam and Queen over the years. The cover photo is taken from the photocall for Sophie's stint in the London production of "The Vagina Monologues" on October 18th the previous year. The article inside is written by Toby Young about their early friendship (they shared a house together at one point, I seem to recall), and a photo of them together at the launch of his book "How To Lose Friends And Alienate People", now a Hollywood Movie, accompanies the article.

May 2002

Well, when I first saw the shoot inside this mag, I nearly died! An excellent cover, plus some 16 pictures inside! The link below should take you to scans of the inside, the picture of Sophie with Tiara is one of the greatest pictures of her ever taken.

British Vogue
May 2002

Here we go again. Export copy for sale in North America of "Vogue".

July 2002

Is this a magazine? Well, it's here anyway. This is a crossword book, a bit of a UK phenomenon - there are loads of these sort of things around, and they always seem to have a celebrity slap bang in the middle of the cover, presumably to entice collectors to buy them! This shot is from Soph's appearance at the VH1 Fashion Awards in the States in 2001.

24th July 2002

Not the best cover around in terms of design aesthetics, this is a UK gossip mag with separate pictures of three 'couples' on the cover. Thankfully, Sophie is in the middle so she stands out the best. A picture of her and then beau Tim Jeffries from Elton John's Somerset House Charity gig, photographed a few weeks before, adorns the front - inside pictures have been seen elsewhere before.

Summer 2002

Wow! A Swedish Fashion/Culture mag (Liberty Ross was on the cover of the subsequent issue), the pictures have resurfaced elsewhere since (they appeared in a freebie magazine only available if you travelled by plane from the UK, circa February 2003), but this is where they made their debut. Another of the pictures inside was used on a magazine cover in 2003, "The Antiquarian Book Review". Superb cover, one picture inside folds out into a poster, complete with a "printed" message and signature from Sophie. Excellent stuff.

Sunday Magazine
28th July 2002

Aussie newspaper freebie, quite big in size, with a nice selection of unusual pictures. The cover photo may - at the time - have been exclusive, and may not have been reprinted much (if at all) since. Inside, it has an interview with Sophie about her mother, Tessa Dahl.

5th August 2002

Australian gossip magazine, Sophie plus three other females on the cover, all similar size, that's Sophie second from right. Another article about "stars who slim", cover picture is taken from the CFDA Awards on June 3rd 2002.

Cheap Date
Fall 2002

The thrift shop culture Fanzine-Style mag that Sophie has been associated with from Day 1, this is the first time she actually made it onto the cover - as far as I am aware. The mag by this point had become US based, but had it's origins in London - Sophie was the "centerfold" of the launch issue back in 1997. No Sophie inside, but a great cover photo. An article in Tatler from August 2002 about the history of Cheap Date appeared in the UK just as this issue was out in the USA, complete with some small reprints of Cheap Date covers, including this one. The Tatler article also had some other Sophie photos in the same article, a scan of the main photo is in the "Sophie-ography" pages. This scan shows the webmasters' signed copy.

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