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Telegraph Magazine
25th January 2003

UK Newspaper freebie, with "The Daily Telegraph", complete with a set of exclusive (at the time) pictures. Most of the article inside is padded out with "old" photos as well. The interview was part of the promo campaign for Sophie's debut 'Novella', "The Man With The Dancing Eyes", and the main picture inside is a gorgeous shot of Sophie and the book's illustrator, Annie Morris.

February 2003

Another "Dancing Eyes" related cover, and possibly the best Sophie cover ever, this magazine featured mini reprints of some of the book's illustrated pages. Reports in the press leading up to the release of this magazine suggested that Vogue were going to serialise the book (maybe on a month by month basis), but the interiew in this issue was all that was actually published! A fashion supplement was also given free with this issue, which included a photo of Sophie inside as well. The mag and the supplement came banded together, but finding a copy with all "bits" intact is now nigh on impossible, as most people will have split the two and destroyed the band. In addition to all of this, the magazine also included a Vogue Subscription Postcard insert, complete with the Sophie-starring cover photo from the January 2002 Vogue cover. The scan above is of the newsagents promo poster, displayed in shops at the time of release, the barcode from the original magazine is airbrushed out for the poster shot.

British Vogue
February 2003

Again, a UK pressed magazine designed for export to North America. US prices instead of UK ones on the cover once more. The fashion supplement given free with the UK version is instead incorporated into the main body of the magazine, making this issue thicker than it's UK cousin. The postcard subscription insert does not seem to have been included with this edition, possibly because of it being an export version - certainly, the webmaster's copy has no such insert.

Antiquarian Book Review
February 2003

Not an easy one to find - a bit "specialist", and so only sold in certain shops - but it is a UK mag. Cover photo from the "Fabmag" shoot from 2002, indeed all pictures inside had been available before - although the shot inside of Soph modelling for Gattinoni is an "uncropped" version of previous versions of the same photo I had seen before. Exclusive interview.

The Herald Magazine
1st February 2003

A Scottish newspaper freebie, given with the 'Glasgow Herald', this is another tie in with the "Dancing Eyes" book. Apart from reprints of the book, and a set of photos of Sophie and Annie Morris taken specifically as part of the promo campaign, both the cover and the pictures inside date from pre-2003, going as far back as 1997- the "Hotline" cover photo is the main photo used at the start of the article.

Sunday Life
2nd February 2003

An Australian newspaper freebie, using the same cover as the "Antiquarian" cover seen above.

Television & Radio
8th March 2003

Fairly self explanatory, this is a free listings magazine included with "The Daily Telegraph". Different versions may exist for different UK regions to reflect regional programme changes (ie. London, South West, Scotland, etc) but if they do, covers should still all be identical. The cover photo was a version of the shot shown above - Sophie's awesome "American Beauty" spoof photo taken for Comic Relief - the show itself was shown on 14th March. It was filmed at the BBC TV Studios in West London, and this image was splashed across part of the floor area upon which certain parts of the show were presented from.

April 2003

And another "Dancing Eyes" plug, this one features a Q&A with Sophie, along with three extra photos inside. She is also featured elsewhere in the mag - a Patrick Cox shoe ad, and an appearance in the list of the "Best Dressed Women". Original editions came in a re-sealable bag with a card insert tucked inside the bag, although there is no Sophie photo on the insert. Once more, the image shown above is of the original shop poster.

Tatler (Export Edition)
April 2003

Just as there are export copies of "Vogue", the same goes for "Tatler" - although it is not called "British Tatler". Identical inside to the UK edition, the primary difference is simply that the price for US and Canada is shown on the cover, instead of the UK. The text on the front of this one is actually printed in slightly different places, but is barely noticeable.

August 2003

South African mag, a kind of "Cosmo" style magazine. One of Sophie's excellent pictures from the Pringles adverts adorns this cover.

October 2003

Dutch only fashion/style mag. Sophie has appeared inside this magazine before, but this - as far as I am aware - was her first time on the cover. A bit of a rarity, I am not sure I have ever seen any copies for sale since I got hold of mine, it seems to be quite difficult to track down if you live outside Holland.

As an aside, now's as good a time as any to make reference to the 26th October 2003 edition of "S2", a large freebie given with The Sunday Express. It features Sophie in a "Top 10 Advertising Babes" feature, thanks to the Opium photo. The cover features a multitude of images related to the article, and the Opium photo makes an appearance. However, a combination of Sophie (of course) not looking at the camera, and other images being slightly larger in size, means I don't think it really counts as a genuine cover, so I have decided against showing it here, but it's a nice thing to own.

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