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Grattan Catalogue
Spring & Summer 2004

Not a magazine, but actually a very thick (but small in size) mail order catalogue. Grattans were a UK based mail order shopping company, who issued these catalogues a couple of times a year to their customers. Inside, you could choose from stereos, clothes, and a wild and wonderful mish mash of everything else. They often managed to get well known models and celebrities to model the clothes and appear on the cover, and this Sophie one was sent out in December 2003. Non customers could then request a copy from their website the following month.

There are seven more Sophie photos inside, and anybody who ordered the catalogue also received an order form in a separate envelope, within which were numerous more inserts. One of the inserts featured a reprint of this cover photo, including an "uncropped version". Unless you ordered something from the company, you were supposed to return the catalogue, but there was nothing stopping you keeping and being unable to return it because you "couldn't remember where I left it..."

If you did order something, your gift included paperwork sent out to confirm your order, complete with images of the catalogues' cover on much of the paraphernalia.

April 2004

Sophie's first UK mag of 2004. The theme of the shoot was "Hollywood Glamour", which meant Sophie appeared in a set of photos which saw her dolled up in the style of 40s and 50s American Actress starlets. So, we get Sophie as Bardot, Marlene Dietrich, etc. The article also features numerous other little Sophie photos, and there is another pic of Sophie later on in the same mag.

May 2004

A rather rare US mag, dubbed "New York's Nightlife Tabloid". It's another freebie, with a cracking shot of Sophie appearing slapbang in the middle of the cover, in a furry white coat. Fellow supermodel Helena Christensen is posing alongside, and both the picture and article inside are about the "Dior Homme" opening on 10th March that both attended. No other Sophie pictures, other than the one on the cover, are in this mag.

Harpers & Queen
June 2004

Exclusive (at the time) photo on the cover and inside, this mag includes a full page pic of Sophie and a one page Question And Answer session. Original copies came housed with a travel supplement which was held together to this magazine by way of a sash.

Harpers & Queen (Export Edition)
June 2004

And as before, a UK edition of the magazine designed for sale in North America. In the top left is the legend "British Edition", with the UK price, but there is a stickered barcode bottom right obscuring the UK barcode, which displays the US price. I am not 100% sure if all such copies came with the stickered barcode or not, as there may have been other ways of displaying the US price on the front (such as retailers adding their own price labels) - if you can advise further, feel free to get in touch.

2nd June 2004

"Too Thin!" the cover screams. This is one of those slightly trashy UK women's weeklies, which will feature articles on slimming one week, and will then complain about skinny celebrities the next. This one includes an article looking at various celebs "before" and "after", with several Sophie pictures.

Elle (Germany)
July 2004

One of three foreign "Elle" magazines that were issued in the summer, using the same basic photos as the UK edition from April. The cover of this one "reverses" the original image. The article inside is very different to the UK one, instead focussing on a series of photos of Sophie over the years with a different article.

Elle (Canada)
July 2004

Similar to the UK cover, this one features the "ELLE" logo across Sophie's forehead, unlike the UK one which places her image over the title.

Elle (Taiwan)
July 2004

The Taiwanese version uses a cover almost identical to the UK one, including the position of the logo. There is less text than the UK one, so the cover seems a bit "clearer". The magazine featured an interview with Sophie's longtime friend, Toby Young in the form of a Q&A - the UK version was presented in an article form instead. There are also less photos in this one than the UK edition.

29th August 2004

A UK newspaper freebie, given with the "Mail On Sunday". Absolutely no mention of Sophie's name anywhere on the cover, and a fashion shoot and not much else inside. However, the photos inside are absolutely stunning.

4th September 2004

Not massively rare, but not always easy to find, this is a specialist fashion magazine, issued on a weekly basis. There is no Sophie inside, the cover photo is from Sophie's Danish Catwalk exploits the previous February, and a two page article on Sand, the designers who Sophie modelled for, is the reason for this covershot.

8th September 2004

Another issue of "Now", again focussing on Sophie's weight loss. Sophie shares the cover with Nicole Kidman, although it is the Aussie Actress who gets a bit more cover "space". A two page article deliberating about their weight is included inside, with some "before" and "after" pictures of Sophie yet again. Sophie later claimed that her weight loss around about this time was actually caused due to illness after filming "King Of Bollywood" in India in 2003.

Telegraph Magazine
18th September 2004

This UK newspaper freebie came with "The Daily Telegraph". The cover photo was from a photoshoot which was originally published in the US magazine, "Harpers Bazaar", in December 2001. Photos from the shoot are scattered around the Corbis site, this page has most of them: No other photos from the original shoot appear in this mag, however.

Take 5
26th September 2004

Another UK newspaper freebie, this one came with the "Daily Star Sunday", and features Sophie and Kate Winslet. More dietting stuff. Interesting to note how this one shows Sophie as a role model - "How the A-listers stay in shape" - unlike the "Now" magazines. The photo on the cover also appears inside, but there are no other Sophie photos.

10th October 2004

A second "You" cover for the year. It features an interview by Justine Picardie, with whom Sophie had recently worked with on the "Truth Or Dare" book. A photoshoot from earlier in the year, which also provided a photo for the "Harpers & Queen" cover from the summer, was sourced for this mag. Photos from this shoot are here:

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